Barrels and Amps: Visited August 3, 2021

Sometimes we just have to find a place to dance, old hall or not. Downtown Georgetown’s buildings are all old. Many have been restored, refurbished and/ or repurposed from the original use. One of the buildings, Barrels and Amps is a whiskey (and beer) bar that has live music and a small dance floor. You can find it at 718 South Austin Ave, Georgetown. We went on a night that, unknown to us, had a country two step lesson. We love learning something new, so we joined the small group on the dance floor.

The instructor, Beth, was entertaining and we had a great time. We talked with her a bit afterward and found out her husband plays guitar for Weldon Henson, one of the bands we like to hear.

One unique feature of this floor – a glass portion that displays a tunnel. Kind of disconcerting to dance on as it looks like you are going to drop down the rock well. My photos reflected back so I don’t have a good photo. You can see part of it in the next photo – just off the table in the foreground.

The band, Tumbleweed Hill, was great. They had a good mix of music, all very danceable. They can be found on Facebook.

If you are looking for something small and intimate to gather with old or new friends, this might be the place for you.

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