Liedertafel Hall: Visited Oct 2, 2021

Liedertafel Hall, 116 Lux Road in Sealy was built in in 1914. It is currently leased and operated by the City of Sealy. It is a sweet little eight sided hall on the west side of town. We attended a rotary fundraiser featuring Gary P Nunn and the Bunkhouse Band.

Sitting up front in the VIP section

Here’s a little history on the hall.

There weren’t 5,000 in attendance for Gary P Nunn, but every table was full by the end of the evening.

We were at one of three VIP tables, up front by the 14′ x 24′ stage.

The ceiling was a spectacular piece of engineering. The building is 3,724 square feet with a 9′ x 18′ kitchen area.

Photos of the exterior.

The interior.

The Sealy High School Interact Club assisted with food service and clean up. It is a service club with a motto of “service above self,” and is supported by the Austin County Rotary Club. These young members were full of energy, smiles, and a strong work ethic tempered with a large dose of fun. It was great to hear their stories and watch them interact with the dance attendees.

Our ticket included shish kabob (with local sausage), salad, a roll, and rice. There was a dessert raffle going on near the kitchen. A mile high apple pie (with 17 pounds of apples) was a big draw. Chocolate, cream cheese brownies and an Oreo cake were giving the pie a run for the money.

The Rotary with assistance from the Interact Club did a great job decorating the hall, inside and out in a theme of pumpkins and fall flowers.

Commemorative bricks from one of the restoration fundraisers.

There is ample parking and a nice winding brick walk to get you to the door of the hall.

A wheelchair ramp hugs the exterior wall.

As usual we made new acquaintances. Kerry and Jeff were two of our table mates. We also enjoyed talking with Gary’s stage and merchandise helpers.

The floor was well maintained and a joy to dance upon. The building has been lovingly restored and was such a delight to visit. People in Sealy are very friendly and we enjoyed dancing, talking and learning the history of the hall and the area. Thanks Gary P. Nunn and Sealy Rotary for a great time!


  1. I enjoyed your review and photographs! We danced there during one of the Texas Dance Hall Preservationists dance hall tours. It is one of the best. Keep Texans Dancing in Texas Halls!

    Lifetime Texas Dance Hall Preservationists Members, Susan and Mike Shelby


    1. Thank you! So glad you like it. Maybe we’ll see you on a dance floor sometime! If you have a favorite dance hall, or know of one we might enjoy, please let us know! We’re always excited to find new floors and potential friends.


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