Saddleback Saloon & Grill: Visited Oct 2, 2021

Saddleback Saloon & Grill, 207 Main St, Sealy, is the oldest commercial building in Sealy and was known as the Preibisch Building. It was constructed in 1887. Wood “bricks” were inserted in the brick walls so baseboards and door trim could be nailed in place. Adolph and Emilie Preibisch immigrated from Germany in 1860 and there was only one other family living near Sealy in 1870 when the town was founded. The Priebisch’s sold everything for the home, from rugs, pots and pans to window shades. Adolph was also an undertaker and carpenter and made caskets and cabinets.

Several different businesses have called the Preibisch building home. Cherkas Grocery store was there in 1920’s and 1930’s, A worker used to walk up and down the sidewalk blowing a bugle or using a cow horn to attract customers. My Place, a bar, opened in 1930 and closed in the 1990’s was owned by Joe and Minnie Pyka. It had pool and dominos tables and sold beer “two for a quarter.”

Liar’s Moon (1980), starring Matt Dillion, Tiger’s Tale (1986) with Kirk Douglas and Ann Margaret, Clint Black’s music video (1989) Killing Time, and three Budweiser commercials were all filmed in the building. Paranormal activities have been reported, though we didn’t experience any during our visit. For more information, here’s a link.

When we arrived, the Brown Sugar band was setting up for the evenings gig. We wanted to come back but had plans to hear Gary P Nunn at Liedertafel hall that night.

We danced between tables and at the small dance area in front of the stage to music playing overhead and tried a Yuengling beer.

They still have pool tables and lots of pictures from the buildings history.

There is a nice fenced in outdoor area.

A business card for Saddleback Saloon says they have live music, pool, sweepstakes, shuffleboard, dominos and more. Open 11:30 am seven days a week. Kitchen open for lunch and dinner. Phone number is 979-885-7346 if you are interested.

We had fun looking at the history on the walls and our very brief conversation with the members of The Brown Sugar band. We were sorry we missed them. Maybe next time!

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