Smokin Beauty: Visited Oct. 9, 2021

Smokin’ Beauty, 11806 N Lamar, Austin. We heard through the grapevine they would be holding a video shoot. The enticement of swing music and BBQ was enough for us to drive down and check out the Lone Star Debonairs Band. The drummer had one heck of a voice. We enjoyed their music and if you like old time swing, this is the band for you!

The dance area is tiny, as in, TINY.

There are quite a few tables set up for folks to eat BBQ and listen to music. You ordered food inside with indoor seating and indoor stage.

We tried a new beer, Gulden Draak, from Belgium because it was a dark beer.

We enjoyed the music, but wished there was more space to dance. The BBQ smoker was busy, so if you’re hungry check them out.

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