Knights of Columbus #2433 Hallettsville: Visited Dec 4-5, 2021

Knights of Columbus #2433, 321 US Hwy 77 S, Hallettsville is an enormous place. They not only have a huge dance floor, a kitchen area, and a raised stage, they also have office space, a large covered concrete patio area , an RV park, and a building housing their Hall of Fame. If you want to know more about the organization, check out this link. They’ve done some fantastic things for their community.

Knights of Columbus #2433 was organized Dec, 17, 1922, though this building didn’t open its doors until February, 1977. In January of 1943, the name of the Council was changed to Father Mathis Council #2433. 

There were more buildings around back that we didn’t check out.

We heard the Lions Club had rented the hall on the 5th and were hosting an arts and craft fair. We showed up on the 4th to take outside photos and a managed to take one through the window before the booths were in place. Chalk marks on the concrete outside showed a number of expected booths.

The Lions were also selling a boxed lunch of burger/steak on the 5th. We wanted to go on the 5th with the hope of getting a peek inside.

We were pleasantly surprised to find most of the booths were inside. Tables were set up for booths on the wood floor and for eating on a visually designated area. AND there was still a lot of wood dance floor left vacant! We, of course, found a spot near the stage and spun around to the Christmas tunes playing.

Central air and ceiling fans for keeping the temperature comfortable.

Though we didn’t find a nativity set we liked, we did buy a chocolate bomb for Christmas eve. It’s about a 3″ diameter, hollow chocolate ball filled with marshmallows. You put it in a mug, pour hot milk over and the ball melts and releases the marshmallows. I’m still fine with a dance around the fireplace myself.

We can only imagine what a dance in here would be like! Glad we got to stop in and twirl a bit.

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