Mustang Hill / Bobby’s Backyard: Closed Hall. Visited Dec. 4, 2021.

Mustang Hill, later known as Bobby’s Backyard, is one of the closed dance halls. The building is still standing at 4562 Highway 77-A South, southwest of Hallettsville. The original name of this hall was Slovacek Ballroom. It was reportedly built in the early 1950’s by Emil Slovacek.

I found some information on it’s early days in the Gonzales Inquirer. It sounds like it was a great place to dance. Not so much today. There is a new fence being built around the property, the gate is locked and there is a posted No Trespassing sign. Rusting vehicles litter the yard.

Based on the halls we’ve visited, the white building attached is probably the kitchen/ bar area. Stephen Dean took photos on one of his trips. It shows the exterior very similar to what we saw today. However, he had photos of the interior, which I’ve posted here.

Stephen Dean’s photo
Stephen Dean’s photo
Stephen Dean’s photo
Stephen Dean’s photo

From his photos, and the Gazette article, the floor was smooth concrete. It looks like there were window air conditioning units, which would have helped cool the hall, and one of Stephen’s photos show a ceiling fan.

This hall is filed under Lost/ Converted Hall.

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