St. Mary’s Parish Hall, Hallettsville: Visited Dec. 4-5, 2021

St. Mary’s Parish Hall, 1648 FM 340, Hallettsville, was one of many stops on this trip. The parish hall, like so many, was across the street from the church. Saturday we made our daytime visit to take photos. A few people were hanging greenery over the main door of the church.

We walked across the street to take photos and peek in the windows.

While we were talking in the parking lot several church members showed up, waved hello, shook our hand and proceeded to open the doors. Since we weren’t told to stay out, we followed them inside.

A beautiful quilt was hanging in the front hall.

The wood floor called to us, so we danced between the tables, ignored by the workers in the back. After taking several photos of the interior, we quietly walked out and drove to our next planned stop – the Moravia Parish Hall.

We decided to return the next day and see the interior of the church. St. Mary has one mass on Sundays and was full of families. We recognized several people from our dances the night before.

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