Blase’s Dancehall: Visited Dec. 3-4, 2021

Blase’s Dancehall, 4220 US 90 A W., Hallettsville, is in the middle of a German/ Czech community. Blase & his wife Margaret Konvicka opened a small store, still functioning today.

In 1948, he added a dance platform. His band, Worthing Brass Band, was the house band. Additions were built around the platform in 1960 to create the current hall. The cornerstone with the date 1948 is nestled next to the convenience store.

The dance floor, though concrete, was a remarkably nice floor. Erik Konvicka, grandson of Blase, has owned the hall since 2016 and is the keeper of the sawdust. We saw him just prior to the start of the music liberally sprinkling sawdust, then pushing a cloth broom to spread it evenly over the floor. We learned the very cold air conditioner installed at the hall had two functions. One was to keep the dancers from overheating. In fact I would recommend long sleeves or a jacket for when you are not dancing! The second function was to keep the concrete dry.

The floor was filled with really great dancers. It was a pleasure to watch the various couples as they danced past our table. We could tell many dancers were here often, as they kept their feet firmly on the ground, shuffling to the beat of the music of Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose Band. Three fiddlers kept us on the floor!

Cover is $20. Add $5 if you want to make sure you have a table. Cash only. You can call 361-772-4329 before the doors open at 6 to reserve your seat. Purchase your dinner, a burger, a cookie, and chips for $8. Beer is available for purchase. Music starts at 8 and goes to 11.

If you are interested in renting the hall, cost is $775.00. They are currently booked through March, 2022 for weddings, which are the lifeblood of the hall. Dances with local bands and bigger names are being booked for drawing the crowds who like country and western swing.

Parking is available in front and in back.

For more information check out their Facebook page. Thanks Erik and Amber for keeping the hall alive and dancing!

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  1. Thanks TG Gilliam for visiting! It was a pleasure speaking to you and hope to see you guys back soon! Thanks for all the great photos!



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