Electric Cowboy: Visited April 29, 2022

Electric Cowboy, 1165 S Stemmons Frwy #130 in Lewisville, is in an old shopping mall where there is plenty of parking. It’s not an old dance hall, but it’s on quite a few Facebook dance pages so we put it on our list to visit. We noticed quite a few bright pink pylons marking spaces near the front door. A sign at the end of the row stated these spaces were for unaccompanied females.

Friday night females are free, males are $1 and you get your wrist stamped. 18+ are welcome. The wood dance floor was a good size and had a nice glide.

A feature I appreciated was the fixed light beaming down on the edge of the step at each of the six entrances on/ off the floor. Cornhole is set up just outside the front door in a marked off area.

There was a big screen on one side of the hall which showed the music video of the song being played. Mounted at the end of each bar was a tv.

Tables were set up throughout the hall, four chairs to a table. There were also spaces at the rail.

We were surprised to find out there was a dance lesson from 7:30-8:30. It was on Progressive Double Two-Step, or as it’s called in central Texas – Triple Two. They are similar but different. Triple Two, as my spouse and I were taught, started with the walk, walk. The follower is led in a sweeping motion across and to the leader’s left for the first triple step, then sweeping in front of the leader to their right for the second triple step. For the most part, feet are passed. Progressive Double Two-Step starts with the triple step, follower being led to the leader’s left side, then moving backward at a slight diagonal for the second triple step. Feet are not always passed but are in a step, together, step pattern. The instructor was very knowledgeable, but we noticed that the pattern seemed a bit too difficult for the participants.

We stayed about two hours, dancing and watching others dance. This hall has some very good dancers. We enjoyed watching and learning some new techniques and moves.

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