Granger SPJST #20. July 23,2022

Granger SPJST #20 can be found at the intersection of W. Davilla and N. Rio Grande. If you are a history buff, there are quite a number of historic markers on Davilla. This was stop number two of our trip, which included Holland SPJST, Thorndale VFW, Thorndale Volunteer Fireman Recreation Hall, Taylor Knights of Columbus and Beyersville SPJST.

Background from the Granger community website:

“The City of Granger originated in 1882 when the Houston and San Antonio branches of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad intersected at the site. The log Grange hall, lodge, and store were moved to the intersection from nearby Macedonia. The new community, first named Pollack, was later named for the Grange association or for John R. Granger, a Civil War veteran.

The City of Granger is located in Williamson County, Texas, approximately 20 minutes east of Round Rock and 45-minutes southeast.”

Davilla Street houses two dance floors. The Granger Country Cotton Club and the SPJST hall. I called the SPJST hall to ask if we might be able to get inside. The owner/operators of the hall had a family health issue they were dealing with and weren’t able to get us inside. I did learn they were struggling to keep the hall open, so if you have a few extra funds or a desire to help keep this hall going, they would appreciate a donation. They received a small grant from Texas Dance Hall Preservation Fund, but were unable to give me more details. They do have a youth program that is active at the hall.

When driving past to take some photos, we discovered quite a few vehicles parked out front. The inviting smell of barbeque wafted from the doors. Uncharacteristically, I was unwilling to go inside at that time, so we don’t have photos of the interior.

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