Holland SPJST #80 July 23, 2022

We recently looked at the list of dance floors compiled by Stephen Dean and realized we could make a day trip out of several areas where we’ve missed a few floors. This trip included Holland SPJST #80, Thorndale’s VFW #4009 and the Volunteer Fireman Recreation Hall, Granger SPJST #20, Taylor Knights of Columbus, and Beyersville SPJST hall. We did some Google searches and double checked the USB of Stephen’s list to compile today’s tour.

We started with Holland’s SPJST # 80, located at12141 FM 2268. I had called earlier to see if the hall was open or active and if we might be able to get inside for photos but hadn’t heard back before we left on our day trip. That doesn’t slow us down, though a locked gate IS a deterrent.

The building has had some renovations, particularly the front where the SPJST sign was originally. We noticed a new concrete circle to the left of the building that is still under construction. They have a large parking lot, but we can’t tell you what the floor looks like, due to our inability to get close to the hall.

From Google searches it looks as though there are youth group meetings on a fairly regular basis. The phone number for more information on the hall is 800-727-7578.

The following photos were taken by Stephen Dean around 2007.

We weren’t able to dance on the floor, but we did dance outside the gate. Maybe next time the gate will be open and we’ll be able to show the inside!

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  1. We are open every Thursday for bingo and we are having out first live band on Oct 29, 2022. Branded Heart and you are correct, The dance floor is original. I grew up dancing there and would love for you to come visit . We need to get families involved in teaching our kids how to dance. Thanks so much. Please come out
    Lorianne Bland


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