St Mary’s Knights of Columbus #1235 July 23, 2022

The Knights of Columbus #1235 in Taylor is located at 2201 E 4th Street. Phone 512-352-9077. This was a spur of the moment stop. A quick search of Stephen Dean’s list as we entered Taylor, found this dance floor. This was stop number three on our tour today which includes Holland SPJST, Granger SPJST, Thorndale VFW, and Fireman’s Rec Center, and Beyersville SPJST. No gate to stop us like the Holland SPJST earlier that morning, but we didn’t have access to the interior (again.) However, I’ve discovered if I place my phone up against the window and take a photo, it comes out rather well.

The large parking lot suggests a big dance floor. We’ll have to do more research and attempt to attend an event in the future. Here’s a link to their website if you want to do the same.

We were driving back from Thrall Fireman’s hall and noticed a car in the parking lot. We pulled in, knocked on the door, and Ellen answered. She was cleaning up after a party from the day before. We explained we were on a mission to dance on as many old floors as possible, and she welcomed us into the hall.

She said on a good month, they have events four Saturdays of the month. There is a kitchen area and a canteen, many tables, a nice size stage for a band and a huge, shiny, smooth dance floor.

The floor was amazing – smooth, large, and clean. I hope you get to experience it sometime.

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