Thorndale Volunteer Fireman Recreation Hall July 23, 2022

Thorndale Volunteer Fireman Recreation Hall can be found at 304 E Moerbe. This was one of the stops on our dance tour today, along with Holland SPJST, Granger SPJST, Taylor Knights of Columbus, and Beyersville SPJST. The Fireman Rec hall was holding a family reunion. It was the second family reunion we encountered today and like the first, welcomed us in and let us take photos and twirl a little on the floor.

Thorndale is a small community that was originally founded in 1878, then moved about three miles west to its present location in 1880. According to an article in the Milam County Historical Commission, written by Joy Graham, “Thorndale was once known for the number of beer establishments in its city. Just inches away from the Milam County/Williams County line is  Schroders Place, serving hamburgers by the same family for over 50 years. Other beer businesses were:  Wuensche�s, Leroys,and Steves Place and Brushy Creek Bar, which is now under different ownership. Families came to town on Saturdays to purchase groceries. Men waited for their wives to buy groceries and other household supplies in these local establishments.”

Several years ago we attended an outdoor dance on the large covered patio in back of these two buildings. The Debonairs were playing at a 4th of July celebration. We enjoyed the music, dancing, fireworks and watching the baseball tournaments going on in the adjacent fields. We didn’t realize at the time there was a wonderful floor in the building behind us.

The Mitchel family were gracious in letting us take photos and dance a two step on the floor during their reunion. We appreciate your kindness and we loved the sentiment on your shirts!

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