Thrall Fireman’s Hall July 24, 2022

Thrall Fireman’s Hall, 214 S Main Street was built around 1913. It was a mercantile, a meat market, and lately the Fireman’s event hall. We learned they hold street dances in front of the hall, the next one Sept. 17th will be a free dance.

The Thrall fire department started in 1969. The street dances help with maintenance. The floor inside has some weak and damaged places. DJ Dunn invited us to look at the floor before they replaced it in August. If anyone has a need for some old floor planks, please let them know. They would love to have someone give them another home.

Original pressed tin ceiling tiles
Back of the building with bbq pots on a shelf

Though the floor was damaged in places, it was smooth and enjoyable to dance on.

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