Coupland: Update July 23, 2022

Coupland Dancehall, at 101 Hoxie St, Coupland, TX (Williamson County) is a charming place. Built in 1904, there’s a bed and breakfast above, and a dining establishment just up the steps next to the dance floor. The dance hall, bed and breakfast and cafe are all reputed to be haunted. We’ve been dancing there there since our first date in 2014. It’s a great place for family and friends to meet. Coupland History

The dance floor is a good size with a raised stage for the bands. The nice thing about the floor is that they DON’T sprinkle floor dust all over. If you need some slick to your boots, check the corners. Tables are set up around the dance rails, there are two pool tables in the corner and two bars and a small tv on the wall.  Staff is very friendly.  A big X on the back of the hand indicates underage, others get a wrist band.  We’ve seen people bring their young children and teach them to dance on the floor – mothers with their son or dads with the little girls. Pretty soon the youngsters are dancing with each other!

On our visit July 23, 2022 we met fellow dance friends, new and old, at Coupland to hear Jake Penrod and Scotty Alexander. While there we were introduced to the new owners of Coupland, Erika and Russell Kinder. Erika has a multitude of ideas in store for Coupland. The first of which is an upstairs tavern to feature a large screen tv for Monday night football and tables for Tuesday Trivia.

We got a sneak peak at the room and a little background. The featured bar at the front of the building was built in 1800’s. It’s a beautiful wood.

There’s ample space for people to gather in small or large groups.

The B&B is still available. We got a chance to view the space. A false rumor that this used to be a brothel was squelched during our tour. The building housed a doctor’s office. The bedrooms were the doctor’s exam rooms, with the exception of rooms 6 & 7, which used to house the mortuary.

New menu items are in store – more barbeque and foods that won’t weigh you down for two-stepping on the dance floor. More great bands. Same smiling faces at the door (Hello Jan!) New Facebook page. We wish Erika and Russell good luck and happy dancing! We’ll be back often.

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