Cadillac Dancehall/ Dos Conchas: Visited Aug 27, 2022

Cadillac Dancehall, now called Dos Conchas, address is 1375 FM 1855, Marble Falls. If your Google Map tells you to take 121, DON’T. It will take you to someone’s front yard and point across their field to the location.

Instead, stay on 1855 until you see the stone wall proclaiming Dos Conchas. There will be an old yellow car with a flashing red light marking the entrance. Turn in here.

Down the long, concrete drive, just inside the fence will be someone to greet you, ask if you have a reservation (highly recommended,) and take your $15 per person entry fee. Parking is on the grass. Just before we went in we saw a double rainbow.

The night sky is spectacular.

The long, stone building has an arched CADILLAC BAR sign, so you know you are in the right place. Outside are a few tables, the counter to order your steak, burger, or beer and a line of coolers. It’s a BYOB place but coolers aren’t allowed inside. Bring snacks if you get hungry or want to supplement the food offerings here. No smoking allowed inside.

Once inside, you will be greeted again, asked if you have a reservation, and directed to your table. If you don’t have a reservation, there are some tables in the back. If you are a small party, you may be asked to a) move to a smaller table, or b) share your table with others if you can without reservations.

We didn’t have a reservation, so found a spot in the back room to sit. Reservations were at long, communal tables, smaller tables lining the front wall, or at the dancefloor bar. They seemed to be for those who ordered food, had a big crowd, or were regulars at the hall, and knew to make reservations.

Eddie Shell and the Not Guilty band played. They sang cover songs and were a great band to both listen and dance to. We thoroughly enjoyed them. They had a raised stage, and between 6 and nine members in the band at any given song.

The dance floor was smallish, but people weren’t bumping into each other. There was enough room for two couples to do spot dancing in the center (and did) while others progressed around the floor.

Lots of pictures on the walls (I didn’t take any, you’ll have to visit on your own to see them.) Just enough sawdust to keep your boots sliding, but not have you fall on your backside.

There is an outdoor patio which had a lovely view of another rainbow early in our dancing.

There wasn’t an opportune time to talk with anyone about the history of the hall, how it came to have a name change, who the 2c’s are, or anything about the band. I found this doing a Google search. We did enjoy all the dance time though!

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