Little Longhorn Saloon: Visited 12-3-2022

Little Longhorn Saloon, formerly known as Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon, can be found at 5434 Burnet Rd, Austin. It’s a dive bar with a tiny, dance area. It was one of the most fun dance pads we’ve danced. Everyone was having a great time, dancers respected each others space, and we saw no bumping one another, everyone singing with the band or having conversations. Shotguns Ready, the band that night, seemed to know half the folks in the bar.

As newbies we felt included in the friendly atmosphere. We sat at the barstools close to the band and met Matt and Crystal. They came for the Saturday 3:00 pm band, but were disappointed when it was canceled due to band members coming down with COVID. They didn’t seem disappointed with Shotguns Ready, as I saw them singing and dancing.

The place used to be owned by Don and Ginny, but new owner Terry Gaona has kept the traditions alive. The building is a shotgun style – front door and back door in a straight line with each other.

They had both doors open to help keep the packed building at a tolerable temperature. A large orange fan was aimed at the band, and they live stream the music, which happens six nights a week. If you are driving down Burnet – look for the steeple.

Dance lessons are offered on Wednesdays from 7-8. Chicken S* Bingo on Sunday afternoons from 4-8 out back. A donation of $2.00 gets you a ticket that corresponds to a number on the table. There are four rounds. Check out their website for more information.

T-Shirts, koozies, bar keys, mouse pads, and more are available for purchase in their store. Choose from 80 different beers, including draft on tap, or pick from an assortment of wine and champagne as well as soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks. They now accept credit cards but cash is always accepted.

We counted fourteen Lone Star State Flags on the ceiling over the entrance and band stage. Parking is a little skimpy, so come early. Janice, behind the bar, ran the live stream and helped with the sound checks. We heard her name often throughout the night.

The band plays for tips – as noted on numerous signs posted throughout the bar so show your appreciation.

We had a fantastic time, and may try to show up for one of the Chicken bingo games sometime after football season is over.

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