Mustang Sally’s: Visited Dec. 10, 2022

We’re not exactly sure how this place made our list. We suspect some dance floors were listed with Stephen Dean due to finding a flyer on a dance, an older band that played here, or it was put on the list due to a mix up from an internet search of dance places of our own. Whatever the reason, we were in San Antonio dancing at Braun and stopped here.

Mustang Sally’s is at 3428 Roosevelt Ave in San Antonio. I have a phone of 726-400-6010. When we entered there were two female employees watching tv and a male playing pool. Music was playing and we found the small dance area near the bar. Of course we started dancing.

It’s a small space, two pool tables, a raised area just inside the front door on the right, where a band might set up, a few bar stools, a conversation area with a few couchs off to the left of the front door, a jukebox on the wall and a bar.

Neon lights lit the concrete dance area.

We were greeted when we entered, but left alone to dance. They did increase the music volume for us. Some internet searches say this is a restaurant. It is not. It is a true dive bar with friendly enough staff. I will say the little Santa outfit was quite skimpy on one of the waitstaff, but she was young and cute enough to pull it off.

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