Columbus Hall /Knights of Columbus 2971: Visited May 13, 2023

Columbus Hall, Knights of Columbus #2971, is located at 3845 IH 10, Columbus, TX. Phone 979 732 2220.

On our way back to the hotel from Ms. Mollies, we passed Columbus Hall on the opposite side of the highway. Hoards of vehicles crowded the parking area, so we turned around to see if we could gain access and dance.

It was full of teens, younger kids, and parents. We figured out it was a Quinceanera pretty quick. The parquet dance floor was huge! Lots of tables set up for eating. An entirely separate tiled floor for the food area. Check out the halls webpage for more information and photos.

We snapped a few photos for the blog, did a quick spin in a corner away from the kids chasing each other on the floor, and quietly walked away.

Felicitaciones por su quineanera! And Thank You for letting us take a quick spin during your party!

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