Ms Mollies: Visited May 13, 2023

Ms Mollies at 1005 CR 107, Columbus TX is a nice bar in a bright red building. It’s outfitted with four huge rolling garage doors to allow a nice cross breeze.

You can see the access road from the bar.

A field of wildflowers were just outside. I’m not sure how old the bar or floor is, as there was very little to be found online. It popped up on one of our early searches for dancefloors and stayed on the list.

We pulled into the gravel, mud, and grass drive and could see the sign for Ms. Mollies RV park.

Inside the building was one central horseshoe bar, 10-12 barstools, multiple pool tables, an internet jukebox, a boxing machine, several tables, various bar games, and the stage for a band.

Not a lot of beer choices but they had Lone Star (light), Michelob, Dos XX, and Shiner among the offerings.

A pile of clean ashtrays were at the end of the bar, so you know it’s a smoking friendly place. Fortunately for me, no one was smoking much when we were there.

Furniture has seen better days, but it was serviceable.

Jukebox was $1.00 for 2 credits, with a good mix of 1 and 2 credit options in the country choices.

The dance floor was concrete, but it was smooth, no sticky spots (since they didn’t allow beer on the dance floor) and was a good sized area.

Karaoke every Friday night! Don’t forget the covered outside seating.

Ms Mollies is open 7 days a week. Happy Hour 4-6.

We managed to get in, dance, drink a beer, and leave before there was another downpour. It’s a local hangout that’s easy to find, has danceable music and floor, and cold beer. Check another one off our list. Cheers Ms. Mollie!

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