Peter’s Hall: Visited May 14, 2023

Peter’s Hall, 756 Trenckmann Rd, Sealy has a yearly Mother’s Day BBQ. This year there was torrential rain, with some dry spells in between. Because of the amount of rain, standing water, and mud I didn’t get photos of the entire outside of the hall like I wanted. They have a wonderful photo on their Facebook page.

Pick-up lines formed around the distribution center.

950 pounds of beef and 950 pounds of pork were cooked this year!

$15 per plate was a great price!

Parking was at a premium.

Like most old dancehalls, there were benches along the outer wall for seating, or to let your little ones sleep.

Original double windows for early ventilation.

Upgraded ventilation had the addition of fans and an a/c unit.

The vented copula.

Center pole to uphold the roof.

Plenty of seating around the outside of the dance floor for eating.

A stage for the band, a concession stand on the far left, and auction items displayed on the right.

Don’t forget the cakewalk! Pick a number, hand over your cash, put the washer on the rail over your number, and hope the spinner stops on your number!

The ticket window.

Photo of an early Peter’s Hall.

January 2022 – Historical Marker erected.

Nice floor, wonderful people, and a great BBQ.

The hall has about 8 board members. Mark, the current President, said if you come to a meeting, you are a member. They would love to have more join in and help keep this great hall going. If you love dancehalls, need a volunteer activity, love to cook barbeque, fix up and repair buildings, or can fundraise, market, or donate let them know you are available! At the very least, mark your calendar for Mother’s day next year and come see this hall for yourself!

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