Other links we use

There are several sources we found that help us find halls. The links to those places are below. We also have a new Facebook page where we post short video clips of the people or places visited.

Texas Dance Hall Road Trip

Erik McCowan runs a great road trip if you are interested in seeing multiple halls in a day trip. Hall owners or other responsible members meet the bus and give history on their respective halls. A visit to a beer joint and the requisite dance at the end top your trip.


Texas Polka News

Texas Polka News has a list of dances, church picnics and functions. Not all are Polka related. Many interesting articles on people, places and events fill the publications. You can get a paper copy, or have them delivered to your email. Gary McKee is the editor and he was a “colorful commentator” on one of our dance hall road trips.


Texas Dance Hall Preservation

This group is dedicated to helping preserve, rebuild and help dance halls stay active. A data base of halls, history and other information can be found on their website. Become a member and help preserve the old halls.

Their website is http://www.TexasDancehall.org