Contact and Links

Please note this contact page is for our blog, not to book a hall. Please contact the individual hall you wish to speak to. There are usually links to the halls on each page.

There are several sources we found that help us find halls. The links to those places are below. We also have a new Facebook page where we post short video clips of the people or places visited.

We meet some really great people on our dance hall trips. Chas is one of those people and he has a Facebook page which posts places to dance in the central Texas area. If you want to know what’s going on, or where people are dancing, check out the page!

Texas Dance Hall Road Trip

Erik McCowan runs a great road trip if you are interested in seeing multiple halls in a day trip. Hall owners or other responsible members meet the bus and give history on their respective halls. A visit to a beer joint and the requisite dance at the end top your trip.

Texas Polka News

Texas Polka News has a list of dances, church picnics and functions. Not all are Polka related. Many interesting articles on people, places and events fill the publications. You can get a paper copy, or have them delivered to your email. Gary McKee is the editor and he was a “colorful commentator” on one of our dance hall road trips.

Texas Dance Hall Preservation

This group is dedicated to helping preserve, rebuild and help dance halls stay active. A data base of halls, history and other information can be found on their website. Become a member and help preserve the old halls.

Their website is

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