Fayetteville SPJST #1: Visited August 15, 2020

Fayetteville SPJST #1, 507 E Main in Fayetteville, was another distance dance tour visit. And like most of the other halls, it was also closed for our inspection. However Erik McCowen, from Dance Hall Road Trip, had lots of information and I had several photos from Stephen Dean that I shared of the interior.

I found a May 14, 2020 notice from LCRA that noted a $24,000 grant to help fix the wooden flooring and shutters in the 4,000 square foot building. The funds are to be paired with matching funds of $46,000 will help with restoration and painting.

Fayetteville’s SPJST was the first of twenty-five charter lodges in the state and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and sports a Texas historic marker.

There are three buildings on the grounds, the main dance hall, the beer barn and the restrooms. Next door is an impressive baseball field.

There was a small barbeque pit located behind the restrooms. A few of us puzzled over the location choice.

Massive trees shade the side of the property.

I was able to take a photo of the inside of the beer barn, thanks to a hole in one of the planks.

2020 view of beer concession stand
Older photo of the beer concession stand taken by Stephen Dean

I was able to get interior shots of the hall by pressing my phone up against the windows.

It looks like a very nice place to dance. With the upcoming renovations, we’ll be excited to see the transformation!

Stephen Dean took quite a few photos when there was a band performing. I’ve posted some of those here.

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