September 8, 2018: Texas Star Inn (Grady’s BBQ)

TX star, now Grady's 20180908

September 8, 2018

Texas Star Inn  7400 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX (Bexar County) was established in 1945 and is one of those dance halls tha has been converted to another use. It is now Grady’s Barbeque. However, they still have live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

We showed up a little before 11:00 and found staff busy mopping the floor and prepping food. Music was playing on the speakers, so we started dancing around the tables. That music was replaced by someone in the corner checking the speakers for the night’s live music.  We enjoyed dancing to some really good two step and swing songs.  We started talking to him and found out his name was Rick Salinas. He was scheduled to play that night and invited us to come back.  We told him we’d be dancing at Quihi that night, but would keep his name in mind for another time.

Rick Salinas at TX Star 9-8-18

Even though it was not an official dance floor any longer, it was nice to say we danced there.

We went down the road to look at John T. Floore’s next.

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