Swiss Alp Dance Hall: Visited Jan.19, 2019

Swiss Alps Dance Hall

Our first dance hall of the new year was Swiss Alp, at 6940 N US Hwy 77, Swiss Alp, TX 78956. About a year ago the dance hall was put up for sale on Ebay. The new owners have worked hard to keep the integrity of the hall. There was work done on the stage, and on-going work on the perimeter of the property.

A little history: In 1933, Henry Tietjen bought the property which included the hall. He and his family enlarged the hall and it grew in both size and popularity. Originally German and Czech bands played here, but as times changed, so did the music offerings. German brass bands, Czech polka bands, Big band, Country & Western and even Rock and Roll have been heard in this venue. Today, we are on a dance hall tour, so the only music played right now is from our iphone.

One of the bills varnished onto the bar

On going work on the dance hall
A nice floor! Lighting is interesting here too!

There are new indoor restrooms, a spiffy bar with a mirror and a wall with band posters centered around a bejeweled guitar. Plenty of space to sit and visit, listen to a band and two step with a dance partner. This is a party and wedding venue, but the owners have teen dances on Wednesdays during the summer, which are reported to bring teens from areas as varied as Austin and Victoria. You can check out their website at

The owners, busy with remodeling, still took time to show us around the hall, give us some history and let us dance to the music in our head or from our phone before we bundled back to the bus and went off to our next stop , the Holman Valley Steakhouse.

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