5J Dancehall: Visited May 10, 2019

5J Dance hall

5J Dance Hall at 31727 W Hwy 84 in McGregor was our old building, new dance floor stop. Emily Jones-Roberts is the proud and enthusiastic owner. The building dates to the 1950’s and was originally a roller skating rink. Prior to her purchase in November 2018, there was a Tejano bar that used the building for events.

Emily Jones-Roberts – owner

Holly is the first person you will meet at the hall. They are in a dry area, so to purchase alcohol, you must become a member. The hall is a 21+ venue. They are open Thursday through Saturday. Thursday nights from 7-8 they offer dance lessons for $10 per person. Instructors are Scarlet and Rudy (I didn’t get last names) from Dawson, TX.

Holly will greet you and help you with the membership for drinks

Emily used to own Junk in the Truck, an antique store, but had a passion to offer a place for people to dance. The name comes from her family – there are five Jones members. She did quite a bit of work on the building and showed us before photos.
It took her about six months of work to get to her grand opening April 26, 2019. As you enter, there is a beautiful chandelier and a bison head with a Texas Flag on the entry wall.

The wood floor is the original roller rink floor – nice weathered wood, where you can see old skate marks. They added to the charm of the floor. She had a nice sprinkling of sawdust so it was easy to move across the floor, though a few places were exceptionally slick before lots of dancers moved it around.

The band of the night was Dr. Honky Tonk, a five piece band who played nice dance music. Check the website for upcoming bands…Eddie Raven is coming next week.
She will be bringing in a different bands with focus on the old country music.

Emily introducing Dr. Honky Tonk Band

There was one very busy bar, and another ready for overflow patrons, staff who kept up with patrons at the tables and the Papi Taco truck out back. Food offerings were burgers, corn dogs, tacos, nachos and fries. The food smelled great and the nachos (on someones table) were huge.

The women’ts bathroom was spacious and clean, with an interesting sink area and large mirror.

 People were there to visit, eat and dance. It was a great evening and we enjoyed the music, the floor and meeting Holly and Emily. Thanks for your time and best wishes! We’ll be back!

Update: 5J was up for sale in 2020.

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