Harker Heights VFW #3892: Visited October 4, 2019

Harker Heights VFW, 201 VFW Drive in Harker Heights is open to the public. According to Daryl, one of the VFW members, this post was established 53 years ago. This post is open to the public.

They have live music every Friday. We arrived to hear Texas Bobby Dean band, a new band to us, but not to the crowd here. Bobby Dean band plays here the first Friday of the month. I picked up a schedule for the rest of the year. You can find their schedule on their web page: www.BobbyDean.webs.com. They all have great (deep) voices and play danceable music.

We were noticed as newcomers to the venue and several people made it a point to come over and welcome us. We had a great time visiting with Joyce and her husband TJ. They were on the floor quite a bit and we enjoyed watching them. Joyce said they’ve been married 65 years and have danced at many of the venues we are just now discovering.

Both Daryl and Joyce told us the floor we were dancing on tonight wasn’t the regular floor. They have another side that’s the regular dance floor, much bigger, but it had been rented out for a private event. We were happy with the “smaller” floor and look forward to returning and dancing on the other side!

If you don’t like dancing, there are pool tables and casino machines.

Beer on tap (Stella!), whiskey, beer and water are available. We didn’t look at the food options, though there was a menu on the bar.

Willie was sitting at the bar. Not really, but he was a great double! I was too shy/ embarrassed to ask for a photo, so this was a sneak shot. We were told he goes by Willie. Whoever he is, he’s a good dancer!

Kevin (standing with the guitar) told me the band usually gets “gussied up” but this venue was hot and they felt the T-shirts were sufficient. They’ve been together as a band for about five years. Most of them have been playing in one band or another 30 years. They’re all from Waco or the surrounding area. If you want to hear a (very) short snippet of their singing, check out Dancing Across Texas Facebook page.

As we left, we saw the post van parked outside. It has the website and Facebook information. Here’s the link to the website.

This is the back side of the building. They have ample parking, front back and some on the side.

We had a really great time at this venue. It’s not that far for us to visit frequently, so we plan to make this a somewhat regular place. Hope to see you on the floor soon!

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