Grapetown Dance Hall: June 16, 2021

Grapetown is at 7349 Old San Antonio Rd near Fredricksburg.

We’ve visited Grapetown before but were never able to get inside. It’s a private owned dance hall and shooting club. You have to know someone or be related to a member to get invited inside. This particular day as we drove past we noticed the windows and doors were open. We made a U-Turn and parked in the grass. I started taking photos just in case we wouldn’t be able to stay long. Several people were standing in the doorway talking. The smell of mouth watering barbeque was in the air. We found out later the barbeque and dance happened the night before and the clean up crew was putting everything back in place.

They were very kind and allowed us ample time to take photos and do a little two step across the dance floor.

It’s a beautiful floor for dancing!

Plenty of tables to eat that mouth watering barbeque and visit, but still a huge floor to dance on when you’ve finished eating.

Though it was a hot day the dance hall was well ventilated with the windows open.

The stage – too bad we missed the band.

More seating.

We were told if we wanted more history, to walk across the street to the historic schoolhouse. We were given a tour of the school house and teachers house. Lots of notes were taken, but somewhere between then and now I have misplaced them. When I find my notebook, I’ll update this site. My apologies.

The original members of the shooting club and more current members.

One of the people the historian was still researching is the first person on the second row, Anita Rendon. If you know her or her descendants, please let me know.

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