April 6, 2018: Carmine

Carmine Dance Hall April 6, 2018

April 6, 2018

Carmine Dance Hall, (pronounced Car-Mean) 300 N. Hauptstrasse, Carmine, TX (Fayette County) has a beautiful floor. We were lucky enough to dance to Asleep at the Wheel here.

Asleep at the Wheel April 6, 2018The dance hall has long tables along the sides and end of the polished wood floor.  We sat next to a couple who drove from Houston to hear the band and dance. They spent quite a bit more for tickets in Houston and were unable to dance, so they were thrilled with this floor. The venue allows you to bring in snacks and liquor if you purchase a set up. Water, beer and wine were available for purchase. A separate room off the main dance area is set up for dining. Barbecue was being cooked and served from the outdoor grill. While we were waiting for Ray Benson and his band to set up, we perused the items for sale. We were thrilled to get the last two shirts from Asleep’s 2017 tour.  We had to take the shirt off the mannequin to get the correct size, but they are ours now!

Dance across Texas tour shirtThis is our favorite dance floor so far.  Carmine (pronounced Car- mean) is a very tiny city.  However, the day we were there was the last weekend for the community wide antique show. This antique show runs for two weeks and covers several small cities and attracts hundreds of people to the area. We were fortunate to get a hotel room in Giddings during this weekend.

Since we stayed in Giddings, I found several things for us to do. Unfortunately,  the First Presbyterian Church, one of the Painted churches listed in the Giddings chamber was closed for visits.  We did stop next to the post office and look at the mural painted there. We found 20 of the 22 items hidden in the mural.

This is a dance hall I would love to return to and dance.

We danced as several places we had already visited, before heading to Dance Across Texas Dance Hall.

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