May 6, 2018: Mercer Dance hall

May 6, 2018

Mercer Dance Hall in Dripping Springs (Hays County) was short-lived. The last dance (so to speak) was May 6th. The owners rebounded and are building a new Mercer several miles down the road, hopefully open the end of November, 2018.

The original Mercer had plywood floors and a raised stage, tables and chairs around the dance floor, and one small bar in the back. Smoking was allowed outdoors. A large, almost life-sized poster of John Wayne was on the wall of the lady’s room, giving me a start every time I came out of a stall.  We met many people, from all over, at this floor, all of them with a love of dancing.

This last dance opportunity had Bob Appel, David Lee, Fingerpistols, Hill Country Ramblers and Bobby Mack playing.  We are looking forward to the new Mercer opening and to taking lessons from John Luper and Tuesday there sometime.

We took a trip to Round Topnext.

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