Greenwood Dancehall and Saloon: Visited May 18, 2019

Greenwood Dancehall

Greenwood Saloon, at 207 Greenwood St, Bluff Dale, is currently owned by Julie Neuneker and Bryan Newton,. Breanna was working the bar when we visited. All three are very friendly and it was a fun afternoon talking with them.

Owners: Julie and Bryan

Julie and Bryan have owned the saloon for about four years. Bryan can often be found sitting in a corner playing the banjo. They have live music Friday and Saturdays. Sunday afternoons they hold a pickers circle where local singers and songwriters come to jam. We found out they also host weddings, as they were trying to get ready for a five o’clock wedding that day. Under 21 are allowed in with a parent.

The 1897 building was previously in Chalk Mountain, then moved to Greenwood by horse and buggy in the 1900’s. It was cut in half around 2007 and moved to its current location. It has housed a hardware store, laundromat, antique store and now a dance hall and saloon. When you visit, check out the photos on the wall for the history of the building and the owners.

The décor has multiple stuffed wildlife, boots hanging from the ceiling and retired fire fighter uniforms. The firefighter uniforms are a tribute to Julie’s brother. Patrons are loyal locals, fire fighters, bikers and visitors (like us) from out of town. Since they are about an hour southwest of Ft. Worth, a lot of their patrons come from that direction.

The building in the back of the property is used for storage, but Bryan took us on a tour. The building was cut from a rock wall, so the open wall is closed in with doors. The walls are inside and outside boards flush to each other with no space for insulation or wiring. Wiring is run on the inside of the wall and into the ceiling.

Bands set up on the patio, playing toward the outside seating. If there is bad weather, the band sets up inside on the small raised stage. There is a jukebox if you visit when there isn’t a live band, as we did.

The energy of the saloon is bright, happy and light. We had a great time dancing and visiting. If weather had been better, we would have stayed for the 8 p.m. band that night. Though our reason for visiting was to dance, this is a great place to listen to music and visit. We hope to return again!

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