Wied Hall: Visited October 20, 2019

Wied Hall, 6301-6399 US-90 ALT in Shiner is mostly an event hall. We visited this hall with a group of Dance Hall Road Trip participants. According to information given to us on the trip, the current 90′ long hall was built in 1912 for $1,500 and moved 3/4 of a mile across the state highway in the dead of night to avoid paying for a permit. Communication issues were mentioned, since the members spoke Czech and the law enforcement didn’t.

The hall has been added onto several times. The area on the far side of the photo was added in 1960.

The bar area was added in the 1970’s.

From 1891 to 1911 the gun club, then called Phoenix Scheutzen Verein, was active. At one point a Czech couple owned it and held masquerade balls here. A stockholding company purchased the 90′ x 44′ building and newspaper clippings from that time period showed they had music, dancing and a theater stage for Czechs.

The men’s restroom had the overhead lights controlled from the bar area. When fights broke out in the restroom, the lights would be shut off and everyone would exit, stopping the fight. Eventually the wiring was changed.

The hall has been continuously open since 1912. Budget and help are the two biggest issues for this hall. 23 members, mostly family, currently run the hall. They have weddings, garage sales, family socials, and usually a public dance the Saturday before Christmas. All their efforts at preservation garnered them an historical marker. Mark your calendar for November 9, 2019 to attend the official ceremony and a free public dance featuring Zach Novak, The Shiner Hobo Band, Jade Marie Ptek and Los Kolaches. Festivities start at noon, with the historic marker ceremony at 3:00. Dancing stops when the bands quit playing.

They hold a turkey shoot each November, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, which draws contestants from miles around. The neighbor moves his cows out and the shooting is done from the rail on the right of the photo. The Booster club sells fried chicken dinners and I was told people come from miles around for the chicken, so get here early!

The building originally had benches around the walls, but don’t any longer, because of the additions to the hall. During WW II, they had little to no dancing. Probably because most of the males were away fighting.

One other interesting feature of the hall were the beer taps. They hook up directly to the cooler in the kitchen.

A wheel in the back is used to cook chickens.

This big Orb Weaver was seen on a building outside.

More photos of the interior. The band stage in the middle of the 1960’s side of the building.

Contact information if you are interested in renting the hall.

Another view of the hall and ceiling trusses from the highway side looking toward the turkey shoot area.

We learned a lot from Kenneth and Monica, the caretakers, who gave us the tour and history and wish them well. We might make it out to the November historic marker ceremony, the turkey shoot or the December public dance. The little bit of dancing we were able to do was quite enjoyable. Hope to see you on the dance floor!

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