Sealy KC (Knights of Columbus) Hall #3313: Visited Oct 2, 2021

Sealy KC Hall, 1310 Hwy 90 W in Sealy was another hall we were unable to get inside and dance. Built in 1968, there were double doors in front and no windows to peek in, so we’ll have to try again another time. It looks like we just missed a good pork steak dinner in August!

Here’s a link to their website. Information on the site says:

“Our main hall measures 100′ x 100′ (10,000 square feet) and has an occupancy load of 1,400. It has a wooden dance floor and stage, and a bar is also available for special occasions and events.

The pavilion is located on the east side of our hall and measures 90′ x 100′ (9,000 square feet).

The reception room in our barbecue building measures 60′ x 40′ (2,400 square feet). It may be rented for parties, family reunions, and various other occasions.

The enclosed barbecue pits occupy a space within our barbecue building that measures 60′ x 60′ (3,600 square feet). There are three (3) 40′ long pits available.

​We have a field available for softball and baseball. The field measures 330′ down the left and right field lines.

Business advertisements and personal messages for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) may be displayed on our electronic message sign located at the front of our hall on Highway 90.”

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