Fair Pavilion: Visited June 1, 2019 and Dec. 3, 2021

The Fair Pavilion at 250 West Fairgrounds Rd, La Grange, was not open for us to dance during this visit. Josh Turner is posted to play August 31, 2019 so we have that as a tentative date to return!

We could see fans in several of the “windows.” It’s a big building, so we’re hoping for a large dance floor! Check back on this spot for an update on our dance!

Update: The Pavilion had lights on when we drove by on our way to Hallettsville, December 3, 2021. We pulled in and saw the doors were open in back, so we stepped inside.

We were greeted by Mark, one of the Czech members, setting up for a private gala. Mark is the accordion player for the Czechoholics. They often play at Seton’s Star Hall, across the street from Sefcick’s dance hall in Seton/Temple. We saw them at a street fair a few years back.

CzechTexas.org owns the property where the Fair Pavilion is location. We found out 2022 will be the CzechTexas.org’s 25th year of operation. They have many festivals and events that are open to the public, giving you an opportunity to see inside this hall for yourself! Check their website for information .

The stage has a black backdrop. Bathrooms are located to the left of the stage.

Mark encouraged us to stop and visit the museum and library to learn more about the organization and Czech heritage. TCHHC link. The Heritage and culture center is an elegant looking building. There’s also a gift shop, an Ampitheater, and a Czech village. Spend the day – it will take you awhile to check it all out! The TCHCC own the land and the buildings, but the city of La Grange owns & operates the ballpark in the middle of everything. It’s a joint partnership for the Fair Pavilion where the Czech organization sells tickets and deals with rental of the building, while the city does maintenance and clean up.

The ceiling is designed to allow hot air to rise up and out. Ceiling fans and the wide windows help with the rest.

The tables were set up with red and black tablecloths in preparation for that evenings tuxedo dinner and auction.

The setting sun made gorgeous colors in some of the photos.

Thank you Mark, for taking time out to tell us a little about the hall and let us dance on the floor! It made a great start to our dance weekend. We’ll be back to visit the other buildings on the grounds soon!

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