Moravia Parish Hall: Visited Dec. 4, 2021

Moravia Parish Hall, 6059 FM 2314, Hallettsville, sits on a huge piece of property. The church is across the highway. Stephen Dean’s book, Historic Dance Halls of East Central Texas lists the address as off FM 957.

Looking through the window, the wood floor was pretty large and looks like it’s in decent condition. We’ve been told it’s used off and on for events. Walking around we didn’t see any air conditioners, so the ceiling fans and open windows may be the only ventilation.

The outdoor patio does have fans to help with the Texas heat and humidity.

There was a wire cage that confused us as to the purpose. We concluded it was a holding pen for chickens, since the top was open. However, we couldn’t figure out how they opened it up to retrieve them as all the clamps were screwed shut. If you have more knowledge on what this was, and how it was used, please let us know!

The historic marker across from the Parish hall refers to the early school.

Here are some early photos taken by Stephen Dean. Surprisingly the building looks quite similar today.

Stephen Dean’s photo
Stephen Dean’s photo
Stephen Dean’s photo
Stephen Dean’s photo

The body of water is still there too!

Stephen Dean’s photo

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