Mullins Prairie Store: Visited Jan. 19, 2019

People posing in front of store front Mullins Prairie Store
Dance Hall Road Trip Group

Between our visit to Holman Valley Steakhouse and Schneider Hall, we stopped at Mullins Prairie Store. This tiny little place at 7408 Mullins Prairie Loop, La Grange, TX 78945, is owned by Marvin and Pam Henry. Marvin had always wanted to own a bar and found the site for sale and called his wife to give her the news. They are both very energetic, friendly people who made us feel right at home.

Marvin kept the popcorn popper going, Pam kept the drinks flowing and both were happy to tell their story. They opened the store March, 2018 and have live music every Saturday – inside on cold days, outside on better days.

The dance slab outside was a nice size and the concrete was smooth and easy to slide your boots across. We did a quick dance across the floor then headed inside as the temperature was under 40 and the wind was blowing about 30 mph.

Marvin said they get about 100 people in here when a band is playing. After a short visit, we were off to see Schneider Hall.

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