Western Steakhouse and Dancehall: Visited Aug 6, 2022

Western Steakhouse and Dancehall is more steakhouse, but they have a darn good dance floor. Their address is 9524 Hwy 6, Loop 2 in Navasota. Steakhouse entrance is the front of the building, dancehall doors are in back. There is an RV park in the back too.

If you plan to attend and dance I recommend you purchase your tickets on line then call and make a table reservation. Tables are at a premium and there’s little standing room available.

Two bars, three tv’s, one covered pool table, and an electronic juke box are on the dance side.

Food can be ordered at the bar or from your table on the dancehall side. Glass doors and windows separate the two. They will take a credit card to start your tab for food or drinks. If you just want a single drink you can pay cash at the bar.

The tables have hooks underneath for hanging your boot bag or purse off the floor. Ceiling fans over the tables and two industrial size fans on opposite corners of the dance floor keep dancers cool, though we saw more than one table bring a portable fan. If you need some slide to your boots, locate the nearest column on the dance floor.

There is an ample raised stage which held six musicians for Landon Dodd’s band the night we were there. Smoking is outside only. We found the people on the floor to be good dancers, aware of dance traffic, and not a flip flop in sight – just boots on the floor!

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